She is the best!  June is very knowledgable and takes the time to explain what she is doing and why. I always leave feeling immensely better than when I walked in!  July 27, 2014, Sheri B., Herndon, VA (Genbook)

Massage with June.  I use a full body massage as the final step in my weekly fitness package of yoga, aqua zumba, and water aerobics.This combin-ation has done marvels in easing the effects of an unknown myalgia on my hips and legs from which I have suffered over twenty years. June is not only knowledgeable but is extremely careful not to make any bad situation worse. At the same time, she constantly checks on areas that require special attention and works on finding solutions using a variety of techniques. June 3, 2014, Dave C., Ft. Belvoir, VA (Genbook)

Detox Massage!  June Luff gave me a 90 minute detoxifying massage as I am in the process of a weight loss program. She was very meticulous and explained what she was doing along the way. The next day I woke up to weight in and was down 2 pounds. She is very knowledgable and genuinely cares about her clients and their well being.  October 19, 2013, Donna M., Gainsville, VA (Genbook)

Great Results!  I have been afflicted with a long-standing unknown myalgia and have tried every possible means of relief from drugs to acupuncture. I started to take full-body massage from June just to relieve the constant ache and stiffness which had converted my legs into what I described as "two tree trunks." Immediately, I not only had relief from the aching in my lower body but I regained substantial flexibility in my lower body which has improved my life-style and ability to exercise.  June 10, 2013, Dave C., Lorton, VA (Genbook) 

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